Weaving as a new leisure activity

It is usually not the case that one wakes up in the morning with the thought of learning to weave today.

It is rather encounters or thoughts on the basics of life that are decisive. Fabric is one such foundation. Fabrics are not just plucked, though they are made of plucked or shorn. This vast field of manufacturing methods, their preparation and the sourcing of raw materials has now become a new little educational content and I am immersed in historical, geographical, technical and agricultural worlds. I am fascinated and much too late in my life.

Actually there were many stages in my life where I came in contact with weaving. Some even professionally, more about that under 'memory'.

The point of contact, the starting point for me was the attempt to try out livelihoods under the most primitive conditions. Not the products were the goal, but to understand the way of production, literally, interested me.

By trying out old techniques in my forest camp, I rediscovered weaving.
You can find individual actions on YouTube.

Although there are countless websites about weaving, including board weaving, I would still like to add another contribution here.

As a web programmer, I am also interested in my own implementation for web software in the double sense, e.g. to design sample and shear letters.
A beta version is already almost finished and I hope to make this application available to you here soon.
Schären eines Schafes
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